Wedding transportation

Make your big day unforgettable with the perfect “grand entrance”

You have dreamt of this special day all your life… you have carefully selected your romantic wedding destination… you have specially chosen and lovingly decorated the right wedding location, reflecting your style and personality… everything is just as you dreamt it… You will certainly not want to "spoil all the efforts" to create an unforgettable day by not choosing the right transport!

How would you like to arrive at your wedding day? Do you wish a “classic” wedding transportation with the bride arriving with her father after the groom, or would you prefer an “amusing” collective means of transport for you and all your guests? No matter what you’d like best, Tuscanyweddings is at your disposal with many special ideas for your wedding wheels!

Among the most popular and beloved wedding transportation you will undoubtedly find the much sought-after classic cars: characterized by a magnificent timeless elegance, a classic car in Tuscany is a guarantee for success! And if you are looking for a special Italian flavor, something unique or original such a Vespa moped or a classic 500 will add to the charm and character of your wedding in Tuscany! Vintage vehicles are a guarantee for glamour and elegance, as well as being an excellent backdrop for special wedding pictures!

However special and unique, a wedding sports car is only suggested for the thrill-seeking couples or for brides who are looking for a special treat for their groom! Adding some rumble to your wedding music, a sports car will make you arrive to your wedding party in a flash: recommended only if you are familiar with manual transmission and the speedy attitude of these special wheels, a sports car is a much beloved choice for a special wedding in Tuscany, being Italy the homeland of supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari!

And if you are looking for something special, if not a bit quirky, for your wedding transportation in Tuscany, why not thinking of some sort of two-wheeler? From the lovely, typical Italian Vespa to the most environmentally friendly transports, such as bikes (why not a tandem-bike or even a rickshaw?!), two-wheelers are a guarantee for a means of transport that is different and funny, as well as allowing you to take unique pictures!

Would you like to experience the ultimate fairy-tale wedding in Tuscany? Nothing says fairy-tale wedding as a lovely horse-drawn carriage! Imagine… a lovely historical Tuscan town, whose alleys and splendid buildings will make you feel as if you had stepped back in time… a majestic castle with breathtaking views of the splendid Tuscan countryside… could you imagine a better setting for your fairy-tale wedding? 

And if you are dreaming of a “wow-effect” to make sure your great entrance is absolutely stunning, why not considering an airlift transportation? For a true VIP-effect, you won’t find a better means of transport than a marvelous helicopter! Allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany from a different point of view, it is however important to consider that not all locations are provided for enough open space for the helicopter to land: your wedding planner will help you find the right choices according to your wishes, budget and needs! For brides and grooms wishing for a stunning yet romantic transport, hot air balloons are a very special choice for a extraordinary wedding entrance!

Wedding transportation is not just for bride and groom: for the most fun-loving wedding groups, party buses are the best possible choice… for those who do not wish to wait to start celebrating! According to your guest number and preferred atmosphere, a lovely vintage bus or a charming Volkswagen Transporter Van will provide you with the perfect blend between unique and amusing!

Beyond preferences and style, having the possibility of being shuttled around will be a great plus for your nearest and dearest, especially when planning a reception in a location that does not offer accommodation. Granting a safe way back to the hotel or accommodation to all your guests will be in fact much appreciated! 

Emma & Edoardo
"Our time in Tuscany and the wedding was unbelievable!!! It was our dream day that you made..."
Dominik and Clara
"The memories will stay forever. You and your team made our special event so unique and so..."
"What a simply magical day! Helga and her team were absolutely fabulous and made our special day exactly how we imagined it would turn out. Throughout the entire preparation time, picking the venues, selection of food, final decision on the agenda and all (very tedious) planning of the logistics,..."
A wedding in a castle in Tuscany

A wedding in a castle in Tuscany

If you have always dreamt of a special wedding in a fairytale castle, the splendid region of Tuscany will just take your breath away! Imagine… the loveliest atmosphere in the most elegant setting… surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see you will truly feel as if you had entered the most romantic fairytale ever! Live your happily ever after like a true princess: the perfect location for an exclusive wedding like no other, a castle in Tuscany is an excellent destination for events of all kinds… Romance and elegance, excellent service and special atmosphere… a wedding in a castle can offer you all this and so much more! The beautiful Tuscany awaits you for your unforgettable dream wedding! Just contact us for further information!.
A fairytale destination wedding in Florence

A fairytale destination wedding in Florence

What does your dream wedding look like? Imagine the feeling and the atmosphere that you would like to enjoy, imagine the setting and decoration you would prefer. Your wedding planner in Tuscany will help you choose the perfect setting for your special wedding in Florence! Just imagine a marvellous terrace with splendid views on Florence and its breathtaking skyline; splendid locations surrounded by the fairytale Tuscan countryside and the magnificent Duomo on the back. It is all possible. Contact to learn more. No matter what you are looking for, the splendid Tuscan region will just make your dreams come true! Enjoy Tuscany at its best… the most special villas and exclusive locations are waiting just for you! Castles and villas, fascinating hamlets and romantic restaurants, elegant locations and luxury hotels, in Tuscany you will just be spoilt for choices! Enjoy the most romantic day of your life in this splendid region!.
Special locations and unforgettable venues

Special locations and unforgettable venues

Live your dreams with an exclusive wedding in Tuscany… whether you are dreaming of a romantic elopement or a special, sumptuous wedding with hundreds of guests, there are no limits as to how special your wedding in Tuscany can be! Elegant restaurants with breathtaking views for a special intimate symbolic ceremony, or a super-romantic wedding for two… majestic castles with impressive decorations and hidden gardens as unforgettable setting for the most romantic and special weddings… gorgeous villas surrounded by nature for the most special outdoor civil weddings… In Tuscany you will just be amazed at the countless possibilities that await you for your special day! Your wedding planner will be at your side to help you enjoy your special day to perfection… from decoration to special entertainments, we will be at your side every step of the way, to make sure you will live the wedding in Tuscany you have always dreamt of!.
Themed weddings

Themed weddings

There's nothing as personal and special as planning a special themed wedding... ideal to add an "extra special touch" to your big day, selecting a theme for your romantic wedding in Tuscany is the best way to make your special day absolutely memorable! What does your perfect wedding day look like? Full of elegance or blessed by a romantic, simple atmosphere? Amusing or romantic? There is no better style than the one you choose for yourself! Defining a central theme for your wedding is the most charming way to add a personal touch to every detail… Music and decoration, colors and setting up… Everything can be made to pay homage to an historical period such as the roaring twenties, the fascinating Renaissance… or a fantasy world! Get inspired by your favorite movies and books, give your hobbies a special place in your wedding… or live an amazing day inspired to super heroes! Your wedding planner will be happy to suggest and guide you in the planning of your special wedding theme!.
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